We welcome any licensed practitioners who would like to connect with colleagues in a relaxed environment

What happens at the meetings?

It depends a little bit on who is there, but the primary purpose is to enjoy connecting with peers in the mental health community. We usually have time for reintroducing ourselves and making announcements, and of course we always have time for bagels and coffee.

Can anyone come to the meetings?

Any licensed mental health practitioner is welcome. Most of our members have at least some office hours in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago, though many have additional offices elsewhere in the Chicagoland area. Please contact usĀ if you would like to be sent an invitation.

When do the meetings happen?

The meetings happen every month, alternating between the third Monday and the third Tuesday in the morning. Please let us know if you would like to be invited to the next meeting.

Do you have a listserv? How do I get on it?

Anyone who has been to a meeting is welcome to join our listserv. We do require at least one in-person meeting, as this community is meant to be more than just virtual. If you have been to a meeting and would like to join the listserv, please contact us.

May I advertise to your group?

Nope! We are a social gathering, and we do not allow advertising or direct marketing. However, you are welcome to come as a practitioner and share any ongoing news from your work.